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Equipment Testing & Repairs

Medical Equipment Sales & Services . provide testing for all types of electro-medical & electro-therapeutic equipment. Our service personnel are highly trained biomedical engineers and technicians who test all equipment according to the highest industry standards and practice.

Our testing program consists of:

  • Safety and performance testing, conducted to strict AS 3551 Standards.
  • Comprehensive safety & performance testing is carried out on site at a convenient pre-arranged time.
  • Calibration of equipment is undertaken where necessary as part of the testing process.
  • Sterilizer test & validation reporting according to AS/NZ 4851:4187 Standards.
  • Area testing according to AS?NZ 3003:2012 Standards.
  • Acceptance testing for all new equipment.
  • MESS provide comprehensive reports suitable for quality certification, audit and insurance purposes.
  • MESS carry a comprehensive range of spare parts for a broad range of equipment, ensuring our clients rapid repair of faulty equipment with minimal equipment down time.
  • Our highly trained biomedical engineers and technicians have a combined service history of 40 years in the industry, possessing a wealth of technical knowledge in testing medical equipment.

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