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Our highest priority is service & it shows in everything we do

Medical Equipment Sales & Services (MESS) is dedicated to bringing the best in medical equipment to health practitioners.  We care about our customers experience as much as you do and seek to deliver technological solutions which enhance health services, ease the burden on medical personnel and improve outcomes.  Medical Equipment Sales & Services been operating over 30 years. MESS offers a range of solutions with cost effectiveness always an important guide.  Equally, our specialists in the field of medical technologies would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and develop a tailored solution in direct consultation with you. We know that the right solution is not always the front of market, latest, must have product, and we are committed to helping you deliver the best patient outcomes and solutions to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Technical Management Program for Medical Devices

A Technical Management Program for Medical Devices requires that certain devices used in medical practices be tested at least once every 12 months.  This testing is more rigorous than the Tagging & Testing required for non-medical devices.  Testing of Medical Equipment to Australia Standard AS3551 requires both safety & performance measurement and calibration.  MESS was established to service medical & physical therapy professions with their electro-medical & electro-therapeutic equipment requirements.  We operate from our own service team in Victoria, but we also service throughout Australia. 

MESS provides personal, professional & comprehensive advice on all equipment, whether it is over the phone or on site.

The testing program has the following features:

  1. Safety and performance testing, tests are conducted to AS 3551 Standards.
  2. Comprehensive safety & performance testing is carried out on site at a convenient pre-arranged time.
  3. Calibration of equipment is carried out where necessary as part of the testing process.
  4. Sterilizer test & validation reporting to AS/NZS 4851/4187.
  5. Area testing to AS/NZS 3003:2011.
  6. Acceptance testing for new equipment.
  7. We provide comprehensive reports suitable for quality certification, audit and insurance purposes.
  8. Breakdown repairs, fully equipped work shop.
  9. On road service and repairs.
  10. Carry a comprehensive stock of spare parts for repair of faulty equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  11. Loan equipment available where needed.
  12. Electrical leads tagging.
  13. Our rates are very competitive.
  14. Sales of all electro-medical units & accessories.

Our service personnel consist of highly trained biomedical engineers & technicians with a combined service history of over 40 years.  As such we possess an unrivalled wealth of technical knowledge and the experience to cope with the most complicated testing & technical difficulties.